Greyhound Pyjamas
  • Greyhound Pyjamas
  • Greyhound Pyjamas
  • Greyhound Pyjamas
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Greyhound pyjamas are a bit of a love/hate thing; your greyhound either loves them to bits or will run a mile if you go anywhere near them with a pair!

I have 2 greyhounds in each camp so know what it's like but for those that do love them they are amazing at keeping them toasty and warm.

They come with 3/4 length legs, a snuggly chest/belly panel and a soft snood neck and a they are available in a variety of colour options.

Please choose from the dropdown menu for size (back length), main body colour and contrast. If your hound comes in between sizes it is best to go up one size and if your unsure please get in touch as below. 

I've included a chart with sizing for each pair of PJ's for you to use as a guide.

Small     26-27" Back Length     Maximum 29" Chest    Maximum 16" Neck

Medium  27-28" Back Length     Maximum 30" Chest    Maximum 17" Neck

Large      28-29" Back Length     Maximum 31" Chest    Maximum 18" Neck

X Large   29-30" Back Length     Maximum 32" Chest    Maximum 19" Neck


PLEASE NOTE.....please allow 2-3 weeks for Pj's to be made as fleece is ordered in for each order.  This maybe extended at busy times but I will inform you by email if expected to take longer.  To measure use a soft tape measure or non stretchy string and take measurement from in between the collar bones to root of tail.  If you are unsure please see section How to Measure.

Colours of fleece do vary over indivisual monitors so please do get in touch if you are unclear.

 If you have any queries or require further information then please contact  Dogs on Bikes

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