Harris Tweed Martingales
  • Harris Tweed Martingales
  • Harris Tweed Martingales
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I'm a bit of a Harris Tweed collector, I just love it!

I use it to make household accessories, clothing, bags and of course Martingale Collars.

The majority of the Tweed I use is from one family run supplier in the Outer Hebrides.  They weave on a traditional single width treadle loom and once washed and inspected and certified it comes to me.

Its a robust and versatile fabric but can like any fabric be damaged by rough and tumble play and snuffling around in those not so soft spiky bushes!

Caring for a Harris Tweed collar is very similar to cotton collars.  The cotton collar liner is already prewashed before I make up the collars and the completed collar can be handwashed (yes sorry but no machine washing please as they are a bit rough on the fabric) in lukewarm water with a gentle washing up solution.  If the collar is just a bit muddy then a gentle brush when dry should remove most of it.  Like any fabric if stains are left in the fabric for too long they can become 'fixed' and prove difficult to remove later.

Harris Tweed collars are made in 2" and 1.5" width and come with a complementary velvet reduced webbing section.

Below is a selection of all the current Harris Tweeds I have.  As most are one off weaves they will not, unfortunately, be restocked.

Please note that collars in the below photos are 2" width and patterns will vary according to cut of fabric when making.  Also some of the fabrics are large pattern weaves so not all the pattern will be shown on the collar.  Colours of fabrics do vary on individual monitors so if you are unclear do please get in touch.

If you need info on How to Measure please click here.

 If you have any queries or require further information then please contact  Dogs on Bikes

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