Cork House Collar
  • Cork House Collar
  • Cork House Collar
  • Cork House Collar
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Lovely light weight and animal  friendly alternative to leather house/tag collars.

These collars come in a lovely rolled rope, braid or elegant flat band design.

The rolled rope and braid collars are fitted with a simple but elegant clasp and the flat band are sewn with O ring.  Both designs are able to hold your dogs tags.

The collars come in a variety of lovely colour and can be made to fit.

Please make your choice from the drop down menu for the design, colour and size.  Please click N/A in drop down for design not required.

Please allow up to three weeks for your order to be complete due to stock levels.  I will inform you if order is expected to take more than a week to complete.

Colours of fabrics used do vary over individual monitors so if you are unclear please do get in touch. 

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