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Dogs on Bikes Technical coats provide not only rain but wind protection for your Greyhound with the added protection of a Teflon (trademarked) textile protector which gives superior water and dirt repelling qualities.

They are made using a soft and gentle but robust outer layer that is resistant to water, wind and dirt and produced to withstand the odd rough and tumble!   Just what's needed for a nutty Greyhound like one of ours! 

The outer layer is complemented with a cosy fleece liner and snood and fastens with an adjustable webbing and buckle strap.  

For a summer version a lightweight spotty cotton fabric can be used.    This version is not only ideal for summer but can when used with a separate fleece coat be used for winter as well.

The fleece and cotton are pretreated by me to make them water resistant so double protection!  Full washing and care instructions will be included when posted.

Technical coats are specifically designed for Greyhounds and their particular shape but are suitable for similar sized Sighthounds and come in a range of sizes from 26" - 31" and a range of colours.

When measuring please use a soft tape measure or piece of non stretchy string and measure from centre of the prominent collar bones to root of tail.  Please dont use a coat your hound already wears as all coat sizes vary and these are made to size ordered.  In the photo above Brian is wearing the 29" - 30" size as he prefers a slight overhang at the back!

Colours of fabrics do vary on indiviual monitors so if you are unclear please do get in touch.

PEASE ALLOW 4 WEEKS FOR COATS TO BE MADE AS I ORDER FABRIC DIRECT FOR EACH ORDER.  I do aim to complete orders as soon as possible and I will email to inform when order is made and ready to post.  Postage is by Royal Mail Signed.

 If you have any queries or require further information then please contact  Dogs on Bikes

Please make your choice of size, outer colour and fleece or cotton liner from the dropdown menus above. 


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