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Well this depends on what you want the collar to do!


Martingale's are suitable as walking out collars for all hounds whether big or small. They come in widths

  • 38mm (1.5")
  • 50mm (2")

So there is a size for all! Martingale collars are a very gentle option for your hound. They sit comfortably on your hounds neck while walking and then gently tighten when needed. They are suitable for timid hounds who try to slip their collar or for mighty pullers!

They are made with an inner core of strong webbing and then lined in a stabaliser and fabric of choice.  All martingales include an alloy adjuster, two welded control loops and a smaller welded D ring on the control loop to attach the lead.

Tag/House Collars

Tag/House collars are exactly as described, they are for keeping the tags safe!  They come in width:

  • 25mm (1") 
  • 38mm (1.5”)

They are made using strong webbing which comes in a wide range of colours and then outer lined in a stabaliser and fabric of choice.  The collars have an alloy adjuster and joining loop and welded D ring to attach tags.  A plastic clip buckle and/or lining fabric can be added at checkout if required.  

This style of collar can also be used for all dogs apart from sighthounds as a walking collar as they are strong and perfectly suitable.


Dogs on Bikes collars  are made using 100% quality cotton fabric, strong webbing,  alloy adjusters/loops and welded control and D rings.  They are sewn throughout using Gutermann or Moon thread.

Special request and some seasonal lines may have Jacquard, velvet or grosgrain ribbon as part of the decorative trim; the rest of the components will remain the same.

Care instructions

Collars can, if lightly scuffed, be gently dry brushed.  For more ingrained dirt or to refresh, collars can either be machine washed at 30' (please use a laundry bag or tied pillowcase to protect your machine) or hand washed in lukewarm water and mild detergent.

  • Leads can be washed in the same way.
  • Dry naturally away from direct heat source.
  • Allow mud to dry then lightly brush
  • Special order products will be delivered with their own care/wash instructions.

My collars are made for strength and durability but please occasionally check for wear and tear.  Normal wear and tear can be expected but if the collar becomes damaged or the integrity is compromised please be aware that it may not function as intended.

If you have a collar that you would like to recycle then if you return the metalware we will give a 10% discount off your next order.
If suitable the metalware will be made into a rescue collar for a hound in a rescue of your choice.
Please note that I do not reuse trigger hooks as I cannot guarantee their safety.

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