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To measure for a collar, please use the diagram below as a guide.

Collars come in sizes:

  • SMALL 11-15"    28-38cm 
  • STANDARD 14-18"  36-46cm
  • LARGE 16-20"  41-50cm

These measurments will help you choose the correct collar size ie if A is 14", B is 15" and C is 17"  then Standard would be the size to choose as all these measurements come within the sizing.

You can use either a soft tape measure, or if you don't have one a non-stretchy piece of string and a ruler will do.

  1. Around the widest part of the head.
  2. Behind the ears and around the neck.
  3. Around the base of the neck where the Martingale or tag/house collar rests.


To measure for a coat, please use the diagram below as a guide.

The main measurement needed here is C.  The length is the measurement needed for the majority of coats/fleece on the website.

  1. Taken around the neck where the Martingale or Tag/House collar rests.
  2. Around the deepest part of the chest just behind the front legs.
  3. The measurement needs to be taken from the centre of the prominent collar bones to the root, or start, of the tail.


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