Tag/Walking Collars (1.5
Brand Dogs on Bikes
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This collar is the 'big brother' to the 1" version and can be used in exactly the same way. 

They are strong, lightweight and comfy and are a permanent way to ensure your dog has their all important ID tags on them at all times.

1.5" tag collars are useful for dogs walked with a harness and for those that have a secondary martingale or walking collar.

With the addition of a plastic clip buckle this is an ideal walking collar for all dogs but they are not recommend as the main walking collar for sighthounds and all other dogs with smaller heads than necks.  For those a martingale is the collar of choice.


The main body of the collar is made from substantial webbing that comes in a variety of colours and then outer covered in fabric of your choice.

Tag collars have an adjuster, joining loop and a D ring to attach the tags.

The walking collar version comes with an adjuster, black plastic buckle and D ring to attach lead and tags.

Some seasonal collars and special orders can be outer covered in velvet or decorative ribbon.

Please contact Dogs on Bikes if you have a special request.

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