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Brand : Dogs on Bikes

Dogs on Bikes martingale collars are made using 100% cotton fabric (with the exception of special lines) with webbing at the core to give strength and durability.

Good quality Gutermann thread is used throughout the collar with sturdy alloy adjusters and welded metal control rings and D rings.
The control loop is made using a complementary coloured webbing, outer lined with fabric to match the main body of the collar.


The martingale design is intended to be both gentle on your dogs neck and keep them safe by helping to prevent them from slipping their collar.  This is especially important for dogs that have smaller heads than necks ie sighthounds. This will only work when fitted correctly; below are details of how to fit.

The collar consists of a larger fabric covered webbing loop that acts as the collar section with a smaller webbing control loop. The larger loop also has an adjuster and two metal control rings. The smaller webbing control loop also has fitted a small D ring to attach a lead.

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