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Cosy Fleece Coat
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Greyhound specific double layer fleece coat to keep your hound cosy and snug.

This double layer fleece is shaped specifically for sighthounds and their unique shape.  

They are made in sizes 26" - 30" and come in a range of coloured and patterned fleece with a snood neck and webbing and buckle fastener.

They are ideal for chilly Winter days and for our famous British Summer cool days and nights.  They can be worn under an outer layer for very cold days and our hounds wear them to keep them warm and cosy at bedtime.

If you have any queries or require further information then please contact Dogs on Bikes

Please order your Main outer fleece colour/pattern, your inner plain fleece colour and size from the above dropdown menus.

Our Lottie is modelling the fleece and she is wearing a 28" - 29" which is larger than her normal 27" - 28".

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