Hello and welcome, I'm Deborah the person behind Dogs on Bikes and we have a very open family house that is also home to cats, ducks and our much loved and pampered greyhounds Boris, who we unfortunately lost early 2018, Lottie, who we lost late 2021, Lulu, Brian and Betty the baby of our clan.  Okay, here's a short introduction to all our four legged family! 

Boris was our first homed greyhound.  He was an ex racing hound who retired when he was 5yrs old and he certainly enjoyed the good life and his retirement!
He was a great big softy with a sensitive soul, had a neverending passion for tripe sticks and he was my shadow until the end.   He loved people and once you said hello that was it, you had a friend for life!  Boris left us at 10 years old after battling a very rare cancer.  To say I miss him is a great understatement... 

Lottie was quite a timid baby who had a very rough start to life and was abandoned as a greyhound pup with a leg injury.   After being saved by pound pullers she went into rescue then came to live with us.
A few weeks after Lottie came to us she suffered an FCE (spinal stroke) but with love, determination and therapy she was back to having fun albeit not so steady on her legs! 
She came to realise that a hound's life can be fun and enjoyed being a 'puppy'!  It broke my heart when she was diagnosed with a cancer and left us at just 9 years old.

Lulu came to us as an 8 week old puppy who had been born into rescue.  She is the fruit loop of the clan,  loves her cuddles and has a very hippy attitude to life! 

Brian joined our family a short while ago after finishing racing when he was 5.  He is a quiet, extremely loving soul who is just starting to show his personality.  We're now busy trying to show him that the big wide world out there is not as scary as he thinks!

Our newest addition is another rescue puppy Betty who came to stay with us at 3mth old.  She is a confident little girl who tries to boss the others but is being shown the error of her ways!! 

Last but not least is Smudge cat, the boss of them all...the crazy interloper that adopted us as her family!  Unfortunately we lost her to old age and dementia.

Boris and Lottie

Boris and Lottie


Dogs on Bikes support rescues and organisations by giving collar and money donations for their fund raising efforts. You are welcome to contact me and I will help whenever possible.