Hound Cuff
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Ever been on a day out or holiday with your hound, stopped for a cafe stop or pub lunch or picnic and needed 4 arms to drink, eat and hold onto the hounds... yes, it sounds familiar doesn't it!

Well thats where a hound cuff comes in handy.  They can be used to fasten your beloved pooch to a bench leg, chair, belt or fencing post almost anywhere without having to unclip a lead.  No more spilt cuppas!

They are made using good quality polypropelene webbing, triple stiched each end and come with a lockable plastic clip.  The Hound Cuff can be made in a wide range of colours so just choose a colour from the drop down menu to order and away you go!

Colours of webbing do vary on individual monitors so please do get in touch if you are unclear.

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