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Dogs on Bikes leads come in three lengths;  120cm, 150cm and 180cm long.  They are made using a double layer of webbing with a comfy fleece lined handle, a strong trigger hook and a small D ring near the handle to either shorten the lead or hang a poop dispenser.

They are made using substantial webbing and come in a wide variety of colours.

If you would like a lead to match your collar but are unsure which colour to choose just get in touch at Dogs on Bikes.

  • Amb_3705
  • Sil_3724
  • app_3748
  • butld
  • emd
  • fuchld
  • jet_3733
  • lbl
  • ll
  • lp
  • lp1
  • lr2
  • lra
  • lt
  • oge
  • pk
  • rbow_3718
  • red_3715
  • tea_3727