Hello! I'm Deborah the creator and maker behind Dogs on Bikes.

Just so your know all the items are made just by me.  I don't have a team of helpers except on event days when Mr DoB and friends help to set up and put down!  Oh and of course the hounds are always on hand to supervise :)   You'll get to know all about them on the "About Us" page of the website.

Why Dogs on Bikes I hear you ask;  well we just put together our love of the hounds, madness for cycling, enjoyment of crafting textiles and a bit of a passion for photography and voila!  Dogs on Bikes it had to be.

Boris was my inspirtion for starting to make collars.  He was our first ever Greyhound and he had the most amazing long elegant neck that just cried out for a lovely collar so my stash of fabric became his new wardrobe.  Well you just have to don't you!?   Like most things this soon snowballed into complements and requests and that was the start of Dogs on Bikes. 

Now I have a full range of collars, leads, coats and treats from the martingale, walking, tag and buckle collars to fleece and rain coats to extra special occasion treats, special orders and a wide range of coloured webbing leads that would make a rainbow weep.

Although I do specialize in sighthound collars I do make collars for all dogs be they little, large and everything in between but as you may see I do have a bit of a soft spot for greyhounds. Not that I haven't had other houndies but as the phrase goes 'they get under your skin'! 

That's why I have a vast array of martingale collars as I have always had willing volunteers with my own and friends dogs to try them out.  It's such an extremely versatile design of collar that it is suitable for all breeds and mixes of dogs. The martingale was primarily designed for Sighthounds who have smaller heads than necks and therefore can easily 'slip' their collar but it has shown itself to be a really good design for all dogs; it is safe, comfortable and gentle on their necks.

It is a wonderful design comprising of a larger loop section and a smaller control loop which when fitted correctly will gently tighten on walking or if like one of our little girls, you have a hound that is excellent at sudden reverse manoeuvres!  It's a design of collar that has been around for many a year with lots of variations to said basic design; large collar loop section and smaller control loop section.  The collars made by me as Dogs on Bikes are my own interpretation of said classic design.